“Eat The Cook” Embroidered Apron

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Did you finish your meal and you’re still hungry? Why not eat the cook for dessert?

Thanks to this embroidered apron you don’t have to worry about keeping your clothes clean when cooking! The neck loop and long ties, two front pockets, and intricate embroidery in front all come together in an eye-catching and comfy accessory that’ll make you long for more time in the kitchen.

• 70% polyester/30% cotton
• Adjustable neck loop and long ties
• Two front pockets
• Fabric weight: 9.0 oz

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1 review for “Eat The Cook” Embroidered Apron

  1. Azareus (verified owner)

    Absolutely no complaints here. The body of the apron is a sturdy material that I can’t see becoming easily damaged, the text is very nicely embroidered and doesn’t look like it has any risk of falling apart whatsoever. Unlike other aprons I’ve used, the straps loop throughout the entire thing, so there’s no chance of the straps snapping off. All in all, excellent build quality.

    The two pockets on the front are very large and should hold any condiments or utensils you want to carry around with you in the kitchen and the apron is fully adjustable so you can get it as snug as you’d like.

    And most importantly, it’s perfect at letting your dinner guests know that everything you cook is an appetiser and you’re the main course~

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