Offering Yourself To The King VR

Get up close and VERY personal with this oral vore VR experience!



Please let me know if you enjoy this content and if you’d like to see more like it!

(caution: this animation has some movement in it that can cause disorientation in VR)

Audio By: AudioElk

For PC users that want to view this on their VR headsets, please download Viveport Video from Steam and follow this handy video I made to get started.

For PC users without a VR headset, simply download and launch the video and Windows media player should open it. Click and drag your mouse on the screen to rotate the view around.

For phone users, you will need to download an app called VRTV Free. It’s a little clunky but it works pretty good. Just find the file, make sure it’s “Pano 360” and “3D SBS”. Checkbox both VR Player and Stereo Mode. If the video is laggy, go into settings > general > under video player > uncheck Frameskip. Should fix it.