Animation fun!

This week saw a lot of animation work being done. Trying to catch up and get things after putting together the picture. Got 2 animations in the works. A nice belly squish one featuring the Irex and the wolf licking animation is getting a followup.

Jax gets some shoulder/neck definition! Also guts!

To continue with Jax 2.0’s progress towards his debut, I focused on his shoulders, upper chest, and neck this week. Pulling up references to try to get them looking better.

Additionally, I started work on a standalone digestive system designed for feral characters. Once finished, I will be able to use it for pov animations with characters lacking such equipment.

Ranger the horse updates, new wild west assets, and more Jax 2.0 updates

This week was a busy one! I wanted to use Ranger (Not Maximus) for the next animation but I also wanted to really get him looking good so I brought him into Substance Painter and redid a few of his textures and made him unique as a character. Super happy with how his coat looks! Also his booty is pretty darn eye catching I must say :3

Also to go with the next animation, I decided to invest in an asset pack that is wild west themed. Pretty darn happy with the kit! Made myself a little town 🙂

And lastly, with further feedback, I worked on Jax’s upper torso anatomy and topology. Definitely an improvement I think!

New on the left, Old on the right.

Jax 2.0 Further Refinement and Bunsen Stuff!

The last week has been busy! Between setting up and releasing the Asstonishing Good Times animation, Jax 2.0 improvements, and finally resuming work on Bunsen’s interactive to wrap it up, I’ve been swamped with work.

Been a challenge to make a dragon lay down realistically with weight. Mostly there but still some tweaking to do!

Updates on Jax 2.0

I’ve put in an endless number of hours into Jax 2.0 in the past few months. Here are some screenshots! I’m getting the model reviewed by an industry professional soon so I can make further improvements before moving on to uving. Exciting!

Welcome 2022!

I’m very good at keeping up with these blog posts!

So basically 2022 is a big change in how I work and present my content. Expect a smoother experience as the year goes on. Thank you for your patience as I make adjustments to how the website is formatted and displayed!

A Change in Pace

Recently, I acquired a new job. Before I get to that, let me back up and tell you what I used to do.

Back in January of 2018 I quit my full time job at a gas station to try and pursue art full time through commissions and Patreon. Well, even when I had some success, I quickly found myself falling behind on my bills. So after being a stubborn blockhead all through summer, I picked up a couple delivery jobs to try to catch up. At first it was going fine but since each job was based on demand and I was being paid per delivery instead of hourly, that too had become unreliable income.

It was then that I decided that I needed to pick up a full time job again. Had a friend who recently got a job at a pet supply store and telling me that it was pretty good so I applied and within a week I had the gig. I’ll be putting in 40 hours a week like any working individual would but that means that I won’t have as much time for my art. I certainly won’t have time to work on commissions. The good news is that this full time job pays pretty well (better than the gas station) and I’ll be able to pay off my debts.

With all that being said, the kind of content you’ll see coming out will mostly be of my own interests. Probably shorter animations, a lot more still frame pictures. I have a couple ideas for longer animations but they’re gonna take awhile now. Of course I appreciate any and all support from you guys, my patrons and fans alike. And I hope you’ll consider continuing your support as I make this decision to divert some attention away from art.

We’ll see how things are rolling in a few months time. Either way, thanks! I hope you enjoy my future releases.


Spruce Moki

Post MFF

Hope you all had a great weekend! I got to meet a few of you and got to hug a lot of nice suiters!

On the agenda for the next month:

Design a 2019 logo for my art
Wrap up the sergal vore animation and start rendering
Wrap up the Aerys scene
Some 2D line-work

In the meantime, the website is gonna go on a back-burner until these things are done. Gotta focus my time.

I’m gonna try my best to kick some ass on these things before the year wraps up. Of course my two other jobs are requesting more hours of me too with the upcoming Christmas holiday too. Let’s make it happen!

This is Halloween!


Halloween is just around the corner and I’m excited to go out and enjoy Halloween night. I’ll be dressed up as a cowboy (classic, I know) and I think my friend is gonna sport fox ears and face paint. Should be a nice much needed night. Are you heading out for Halloween fun? Leave a comment!

The release of the Indominus Spotted Interactive last Friday has been successful and seems to have received a warm welcome. Though curiously I noticed a couple comments on YouTube regarding a viewer’s personal preference for female vore. I tried to make it as ambiguous as possible but apparently that arm looks too manly? Heck, it doesn’t even have any hair on it! Oh well. Just an amusing development really.

With that release I’ve learned a bit about the video player I’m working with and the limitations and features. The big interactive video I’ve got planned should work fine as intended. And I’ll even see about getting a download file for my patrons to get around the buffering issue some people have had.

In other news, I recently picked up Game Maker Studio 2 and just finished the tutorial. I don’t know if you guys remember that MetroidVania game I had wanted to make but ran into major technological restrictions I couldn’t get around with Unreal (turns out it’s better with 3D than 2D graphics), but this might actually be a viable solution to my goals.

Check out my cute little tutorial aided game! 😀

Lastly, the sergal vore animation is wrapping up on the animation side of things. That sergal is officially dragon food~ Still have a little bit of animation to do to wrap up the scene but the next things to tackle include building up the environment (grass, trees, bushes), setting up the lighting, getting fur on the sergal (dynamic hopefully), and simulating some mesh displacement and possibly saliva. We’ll see how that last one goes. If all goes well, I can probably start rendering sometime next month, but with the animation being well over 2000 frames it’s going to take awhile. I will probably use normal lighting with fake shadows to try to make the render as fast as possible but I don’t think I’ll get render times below 10 minutes/frame, but we’ll see.

Anywho, hope you guys have a great Halloween and that your November starts off on a good note.


In the Beginning…

In the beginning, there was a thought. An idea that surfaced to the top about making a website. Not an ordinary gallery website like you often see, no. Instead I wanted to create something that was a bit memorable and maybe a little cheesy. By no means is this website in its final design, but rather will be an ever growing and evolving site with new pages and fun throughout the changing seasons.

Consider yourself an early pioneer as you traverse my website in this early iteration. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the layout or contents of the website, feel free to leave a comment!

Spruce Moki