A Change in Pace

Recently, I acquired a new job. Before I get to that, let me back up and tell you what I used to do.

Back in January of 2018 I quit my full time job at a gas station to try and pursue art full time through commissions and Patreon. Well, even when I had some success, I quickly found myself falling behind on my bills. So after being a stubborn blockhead all through summer, I picked up a couple delivery jobs to try to catch up. At first it was going fine but since each job was based on demand and I was being paid per delivery instead of hourly, that too had become unreliable income.

It was then that I decided that I needed to pick up a full time job again. Had a friend who recently got a job at a pet supply store and telling me that it was pretty good so I applied and within a week I had the gig. I’ll be putting in 40 hours a week like any working individual would but that means that I won’t have as much time for my art. I certainly won’t have time to work on commissions. The good news is that this full time job pays pretty well (better than the gas station) and I’ll be able to pay off my debts.

With all that being said, the kind of content you’ll see coming out will mostly be of my own interests. Probably shorter animations, a lot more still frame pictures. I have a couple ideas for longer animations but they’re gonna take awhile now. Of course I appreciate any and all support from you guys, my patrons and fans alike. And I hope you’ll consider continuing your support as I make this decision to divert some attention away from art.

We’ll see how things are rolling in a few months time. Either way, thanks! I hope you enjoy my future releases.


Spruce Moki

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