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Spruce Art Update Blog

Animation fun!

This week saw a lot of animation work being done. Trying to catch up and get things after putting together the picture. Got 2 animations in the works. A nice belly squish one featuring the Irex and the wolf licking animation is getting a followup.


-Spruce Art-

Spruce Art has been creating 3D animated art since early 2017. A lot has changed since then and the competition is fierce! Spruce is now working harder than ever to provide content to his supporters and followers while also pursuing further education to improve his animated products.

A message from Spruce –

I hope my work is impressive enough to earn your support and follow! I strive to deliver quality content in a timely manner each month. Additionally, I am always aiming to improve myself through experimentation and education which I try to incorporate into my projects. Please enjoy!


Meet the owner and his characters!


Spruce Moki – The Animator
Spruce is a charming and humble individual who is somewhat introverted. Loves cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Loves animals and horseback riding. Nature, hiking, and the water. Loves to travel, mostly by road. Loves to find new places to eat. Enjoys gaming and music too!

Spruce Moki (The character) – Deer/Elk Hybrid (model not yet started)
Spruce is a gentleman with an affinity for showmanship. He likes to impress his patrons at his bar with his bottle tricks and drink concoctions. He’s a predator with a desire for subby shy petite prey. Often smooth-talking them from behind the bar before inviting them to his private office for some fun.

Jax Cane – Snow Leopard (New model in development)
A confident cat with finesse is the simplest way to put it. Jax has wit and charm and will make an extra effort to please you. Don’t let those alluring golden eyes fool you, he knows more about tonics and elixirs than anyone. However, he can be just as easily be worked into a stupor with the right words and teasing coming from a larger anthro or feral predator. He’s undeniably preyish, even if he’s hesitant about it.

Vin & Glas – Feral Dragons (models not yet started)
No one messes with these behemoths; Vin, a 14-foot tall male western dragon, and Glas, a 9-foot tall furry female drake. Vin is pretty level headed until brought to anger, in which case you’re screwed. He does love to tease smaller individuals with his girth and slick maw on occasion though. Glas on the other hand LOVES to hunt her prey. She knows what she wants and she WILL get it. The opposing personalities make the two dragons perfect for each other.