Welcome to Spruce Moki’s Bar and Grill! Located just off of Hwy 69 in the scenic conifer woods outside of town, this rustic but modern bar and grill will satisfy all of your predatory desires. Fine meals and drinks are merely a complimentary addition to the wonderful lodge atmosphere. With two full bars and a club in the basement ready for a DJ or live band, this shack is ready to make your night memorable!


-Spruce Moki’s Bar & Grill-

Ever since Spruce opened the bar and grill in early 2017 it has been a roaring success. Patrons from all walks of life come to enjoy the unique amenities it provides as well as the savory guests. After just one year in business, Spruce decided to clean out the basement and get it remodeled into a club and lounge. Considered an instant hit among locals, the club has seen entertainment acts such as The Tiger Stripes, John B. Frank-Louis, Mäuse Tale, and more. Thyme magazine recently wrote an article on the establishment, calling it a “bucket list destination.” Several area and national award plaques accent the walls near the entrance and you can find Spruce catering to his many guests everyday with a calm and easy smile. Come in and see for yourself this remarkable one of a kind bar and grill.


Meet the owner and his team!


Spruce Moki – Owner
Commonly found at the front bar keeping his regulars entertained, Spruce is no stranger to the night life. Whether he’s mixing cocktails or impressing the masses on Karaoke night, Spruce is always wearing a smile. Be sure to say hello to him when you visit! He really enjoys fresh meat.



Jax Cane – Bar Manager
A snow leopard with finesse is the simplest way to put it. Jax has wit and charm and will make an extra effort to please you. Don’t let those alluring golden eyes fool you, he knows more about tonics and beer than anyone. Are you brave enough to challenge him?



Vernon – Head Cook
Looking more like a bouncer than a cook, this moose is too busy cooking up fantastic meals to get his picture taken. Or at least, that’s what he told us. Funny enough, we’re in need of a new photographer. If you know anyone, let the owner know!



Vin & Glas – Bouncers
No one messes with these behemoths; Vin, a 14-foot tall male western dragon, and Glas, a 9-foot tall furry female drake. They call them bouncers because after you cause trouble, you’ll be bouncing in their gut (or other cramped places). They don’t mind getting a free meal so you definitely don’t want to cross these two… or do you?



Post MFF

Hope you all had a great weekend! I got to meet a few of you and got to hug a lot of nice suiters! On the agenda for the next month: Design a 2019 logo for my art Wrap up the sergal vore animation and start rendering Wrap up the Aerys scene Some 2D line-work …